For most recent artworks you can view these on my instagram account as they are not yet updated to the website.  Instagram acts as my art journal/blog that includes my inspirations, art process videos and nature photography that inspires my work.

Gallery of Artworks

Gallery of available and sold artworks, message me using the contact form for any enquiries on artworks.

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More work on my latest oil painting of r
"Admiring the dandelions"

"Southern highlands (after the rain)" Oi
New coat for cows.
"Everything is you"

Oil on canvas 40
Vase of hydrangeas 
Watercolour on 300gs
"Always you"

Oil on canvas 41cm x 51cm
Watercolour on A4 paper 300g
Eastern dwarf frog (eastern sedge frog)
Eastern dwarf frog (eastern sedge frog)
Tasmanian tree frog (Litoria burrowsi) o
"You are my sky"

Oil painting on canvas
"Everything is you"

Oil on canvas 40
"We'll get through it all"

Yellow tailed black cockatoo (Calyptorhy
Crimson Rosella (Platycercus Elegans) ju

Crimson Rosella (Platycercus Elegans) juvenile Watercolour on paper 10cm x 15cm

Orange-bellied parrot (Neophema chrysoga
Pelican (Pelecanus)

Pelican (Pelecanus) Watercolour on paper 16cm W x 12.5cm

Mallee emu-wren (Stipiturus mallee)

Mallee emu-wren (Stipiturus mallee) Watercolour on 21cmH x 16cmW

Carnaby's black cockatoo (Calyptorhy

Carnaby's black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) Watercolour on 11.4cm x 16.2cm

Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius)

Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) Watercolour 29.7cm W x 42cm H

Watercolour faces study.

Watercolour faces study. Chris Hemsworth

New Holland honeyeater (Phylidonyris nov

New Holland honeyeater (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae) Watercolour 21cmW x 13.7cm H

Another quick watercolour portrait...

Another quick watercolour portrait... Julia Gillard

Palm cockatoo study. .

Palm cockatoo study.

Eastern spinebill (Acanthorhynchus tenui

Eastern spinebill (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris)

Wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax)__Just
_Kakapo browse___Oil painting on 50

_Kakapo browse___Oil painting on 50.8cm x 50.8cm on stretched canvas (deep edge)

Red-rumped parrot (Psephotus haematonotu

Red-rumped parrot (Psephotus haematonotus) Watercolour on paper 10cmx15cm

Red-tailed black (Calyptorhynchus banksi

Red-tailed black (Calyptorhynchus banksii) Watercolour on paper 10.8cm W x 15cm H

Gang Gang__Watercolour studies ..

Gang Gang - a study in watercolour

Reposting this commission artwork _Hufar

Art commission - Hufari feeding on Grumgrumma seeds" Oil on wood board 41cm W x 51cm H)

Another section close up _#watercolour #

a close up section of Balmoral

'Seagulls at sunset on the Bay'__Waterco

Seagulls at sunset on the bay Watercolour on paper (29.7cm W x 42cm H unframed /framing on request)

Seagulls by the wharf__Watercolour on A3

Seagulls by the wharf Watercolour on paper (42cm H x 29.7cm W )

Simply titled _Ralph and Tom_ just becau

Watercolour on 300gsm paper

Fiddler beetles (Eupoecila australasiae)

Sumi Ink and Watercolour


Well, Do you have receipts? Watercolour on Paper 300gsm


Morning Rounds Watercolour on Paper 300gsm


Togetherness Watercolour on A3 size paper 300gsm. Available on Bluethumb


Shut it, Susan. Watercolour on A3 size paper 300gsm. Available by direct enquiry or via bluethumb


Garlic cloves Oil on wood box frame (edges are raw) 20cm x 20cm x 2.5cm)


French pressed in time Ink on Black paper


Water cooler talk Ink on Black A3 paper


Blue banded bee - A commission


Bella Charcoal on paper - NFS


Willy Wagtail with rose Watercolour on paper


Running Free Stallion Gold and White ink on Black paper


Watercolour of clouds


Laughing Kookaburra - Watercolour on paper

20190616_213718 (2)

Mudgee Poll Herefords Pencil on paper


Waratahs Sumi ink on A3 size paper

Liz H Lovell - Artist from North Syd

Figs Vs Vase Oil Paint on canvas 50.8cmx 50.8cm x 4cm

Pomegranates and Water jug

Pomegranates and Water jug Oil on canvas 50.8cm x 50.8cm x 4cm

20181228_232941 (3)

Down by the river Pencil on paper

Ocean water jellyfish

Ocean water jellyfish Watercolour 24cm W x 32cm H

Balmoral Beach Oil on canvas 77cm W x 61 cm H x 1.8cm

Spring Call

Oil on canvas

Zebra with Acacia trees

Zebra with Acacia trees

20180306_124113 crop
1 Liz H Lovell Vulpes Vulpes Red Fox 20x

Vulpes Vulpes Oil on wood box frame 20cm x 20cm x 2.5cm Natural Nemesis series

20180311_172859 - Copy

The Glance Natural Nemesis Series


Sumi ink and watercolour on paper. Abstract typography

The Land Beyond

Watercolour and Sumi ink on 42cm x 59.4cm. Abstract typography

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo with Casuarina seeds. Framed 80.2cm x 64.3cm

Rainbow lorikeets with Camellias

Watercolour on A3 185gsm paper


Golden lake Swans - Sumi ink and gold ink on paper


Swans on lily pond in watercolour and gouache on paper

20171125_181326 a

Roaming Mob Oil on canvas

IMG_20180303_230746 - Copy

Three Summer Days -


A beginning White Ermine Moth from the Winged Series


Windows to your soul - Small Emperor moth (Saturnia Pavonia) winged series


Here I am Now - Green Carpet Moth Oil on canvas Winged Series


Herald of Summer Winged series

20180212_143635 - Copy

Emu portrait - NFS


Les Oignons rouge - NFS


Crop section of Summer waves SOLD


Numbat with Cricket - Pencil on paper SOLD

house sparrow (crop)
When we fly

Ink and watercolour A4 210gsm paper

Out of Town

Red tailed cockatoos - SOLD

Sacred Water

Sacred Water. Acrylic on Canvas 61cm x 61cm x4cm Let them be.Let them live

Portrait study - Not for sale

Classical art study of portraiture at the national art school. NFS

Import 11 Aug 2017 1192

Underwater forest - ink on paper

Import 11 Aug 2017 1186 (2)

Ants in watercolour

In progress - Willy Wagtail

Willy wagtail - SOLD

Sold - Black cockatoos

Black Cockatoos Ink on A3 mixed media paper - SOLD


Cassowaries Watercolour on A3 size paper SOLD


White ink on black paper

Inquisitive seals

Inquisitive seals 21cm x 29.7cm 300gsm Pinniped's water agility and inquisitive behaviour make this semi-aquatic mammal a delight to observe. Frolicing freely, fleeing fast with their fundamental flowing flippers escaping up a rock facade to only flop in the sun.

Atlantic puffin by (Fratercula Arcti

Atlantic puffin by (Fratercula Arctica) 21cm x 29.7cm 300gsm Atlantic puffins often nest in colonies on rocky preciptices. Their scientific name fratercula is derives from the Latin word for friar given their monastic robes. Another interesting fact is the excrete excess salt that it swallows from their specialised salt glands in their nostrils.

Dall Sheep (Ovis Dalli Dalli)

White ink on 300gsm black paper - SOLD

World of Nudibranch

World of Nudibranch by Liz H Lovell Watercolour #aquarelle A4 200gsm paper. Nudibranch includes Red lettuce Ayerst Purple Chromodoris annae Chromodoris willani Glaucaus Atlantis Nemobrotha Kubaryana Costasiella Kuroshimae Hopkinsia Rosacaea Risbecia Tyroni Lydia Phyllidia varicose

Port Wine Magnolias - SOLD

67 x 67cm Oil paint on board - Commission - ARTSOLD


Magpies - SOLD


Magpies watercolour - SOLD close up


Suburban Ninja Ink on Black paper - SOLD



The pollinators

Bees are keystones species that we require for our environment. Busy workers, they clean, feed, look after the queens babies, collect pollen, then feed and take care of the queen bee. Amongst helping trees and plants bloom

Hummingbird flight i
Magpies (Cractius tibicen)

Magpies early work - SOLD


Scorpion in watercolour - SOLD

Hawkbill turtle

Artwork of hawksbill turtle SOLD

Bumble Bee Walk

Bumble Bee Walk - Sold

Ladybird Beetles

Ladybirds a study in acrylic - NFS

Papilio Ulysses

Papilio Ulysses - Watercolour on A4 textured paper

Lion's mane Jellyfish and Nudibranch

Lion's mane jellyfish and nudibranch - SOLD

Staghorn fern

Staghorn fern - NFS

Hummingbird by Liz H Lovell

Hummingbird - NFS

Eucalytpus Blossoms

Eucalytpus Blossoms - Artwork commission - sold


Magpie - A study NFS

Fennec fox stretch

Fennec Fox Stretch - SOLD

white peacock

Part of my white on black series - SOLD


Jellyfish - SOLD

Swan and Cyget

Ink on Black Paper A3 size


Peacock in ink - SOLD


Peacock in ink - SOLD


Busy bee - SOLD


Bottoms Up - Ink on Paper

peacock (960x745) (2)

Peacock - SOLD


Night travellers NFS

Honey Bee by Liz H Lovell

Honey Bee - SOLD

Soldier on ants!

Soldier on - Echidna. SOLD


Heron with lily pond - NFS

Barn Owl by Liz H Lovell

Barn Owl pencil on paper


Ant soldier - SOLD


Horned Owl - SOLD


Watercolour of Jaguar - NFS


Bear on Ice - SOLD

Cheetah - Ink
Chimpanzee in lead
Baby crawl

Ipad app finger drawing

Baby asleep

Ipad app finger drawing